Friday, 3 December 2021

An odd week

 A very odd week with a thing and everything getting in the way of doing something!!

Anyhow, Pirate is on antibiotics, as I thought he would be..he is not happy and impatient..and his appointment to start treatment proper isn't until the 23rd....I joined him in the tooth department and lost a I start mid December. At least mine doesn't hurt!!.

At last I have started on a small linocut to make this year's cards...I hope it will work...I am thinking on a different way of printing two colours....we will see. Still a bit of cutting to do.

We managed a short walk before lunch to collect another bag of apples. Half have been juiced and the juice has been filtered through a muslin before standing until tomorrow to clear further.

I am hoping that I have enough bottles!!


Susan Heather said...

I do hope Pirate starts to feel better and the antibiotics help the problem.

Betty said...

sorry about the tooth issues. Lino cut looks promising.

The bike shed said...

My former neighbour - Bernard Green - was an expert in linocut and he used to have a very intricate process for cutting his blocks into sections for printing into different colours. Google to see.

gz said...

Thankyou for reminding me, bike shed! I will do that.

gz said...

You will be glad to know that Bernard Green's press is now in use at the Swansea Print Workshop, bike shed.