Tuesday 3 October 2023

Spectating at the World Masters Track Championships

 And catching up with friends from all over the world.

Our friend from NZ ( the eventual  winner) lying second behind and American and in front of an English rider..

The oldest man in the field, world traveller from just up the road from here, and one of our favourite commissaires from Texas
Long time friend from London 
A great mate from Wyalla...who has to travel 400km north to his local track in Adelaide 

And the vital mechanic!

And a note to those who know the Manchester Velodrome..a new roof.. and it still leaks!!

A nice touch out in the front car park...solar panels

Unfortunately this has left all the camper vans without hookups....

It was nice to see some of the locals

By the bridge over the Ashton Canal.


northsider said...

Canadian geese with Lancashire accents?😊

Aimz said...

I think solar panels are a good thing, we have been looking into getting them here but so far we've had a quote of $30,000 which is sadly a bit too expensive.

Fresca said...

"the locals", lol!

Anvilcloud said...

Ashton stuck out to me because there is a little hamlet called Ashton close to us. I'll be going there on Saturday to pick up the Thanksgiving pies that I ordered from the church there. They fundraise for our community food drive.