Monday 11 December 2023

A weekend spectating

 Sprinter/coach friend showing that he can still do it!

On the Saturday my bike did well...good to see it helping someone who has come into track racing and joined the team we are in. 

In the morning she had ridden a team pursuit and they won bronze.

On Saturday night after the finish of racing we went on up the road from Glasgow to Dundee..the nearest budget chain hotel South of the race on Sunday. Two hours in the rain....

We were aiming to see our friend ride the last of the Scottish Cyclo-cross series, in Brechin, one that had been postponed due to bad weather...

On the Sunday morning we woke to fog.....up the A90 with hardly any break in the weather...on arrival at the course we had to go further along the road to park at an industrial estate, or go on the field and risk getting stuck.

After a very good quarter mile walk in our wellies back along the road we reached the Equestrian centre where the racing was being held, going mainly around the woods at the edge of the fields.

We missed the beginning of his race, but while watching in the rain I got some decent photos as they lapped...the aim is to have a course that is ten minutes around, then the riders do (for example) 40 minutes and a lap...

Then more photos of the women racing as we had a clubmate in both races, as well as our friend, who won on the day as well as overall in the series.

Then back down the road, still misty until Dundee, refuelled the car and ourselves and back to the Velodrome in time to see our clubmate finish the last ten laps of her points race, sprints and points every ten laps...bronze medal again...after riding an individual pursuit in the morning..silver for that...a hard three days racing for her against girls and women far younger.

A nice touch...the medal winners insisted on the fourth placed rider being in the she is about three times the age of the winner....who is on the Alba development squad.(and who lapped the field twice....)

Great to see all doing well and catch up with friends all weekend.

Now back down to earth with a bump and catch up on washing and cleaning!


Tom said...

...riding in the rain doesn't sound like fun!

Fresca said...

You two are intrepid!!!

Love the fourth place winner being included:
Way to represent, oldsters!
And nice to see your bike doing well.

smartcat said...

Looks like a splendid time was had ay all.
Fabulous that your friend did so well. Stars to the winners for insisting that she share the spotlight!

gz said...

Tom I don't "do" mud.....and now I don't have to, I don't start out in the rain either!! Although walking in the rain isn't so bad

Joanne Noragon said...

That outdoor course would have defeated me.

Allison said...

Racing in the mud always looks so awful. Cold, dirty, and the bike chain doesn't like it, either! Good for you and Pirate going out to cheer the mudders on.

Jenny Woolf said...

I think it's a great idea to have that fourth place. When I was young I couldn't truly appreciate how much harder as time goes on!