Friday, 5 March 2010

Backing up your blog!!

With many thanks to

"Amid complaints that things are disappearing from Facebook -- of course they are; Facebook is again in the process of "improving" the site -- there have been admissions that some of you-all don't back up your blogs. Mercy forfend! Back up NOW and regularly thereafter!

I don't know the procedure for all blogs, but here are a couple I do know, and the other services probably have something similar:

BLOGGER: Go to Settings/basic, blog tools and click on “export blog” then click on “download blog” button.

WORDPRESS: Go to Tools (lefthand column in dashboard), click on “export” then click on “download export file” button.

Right now -- backup yer dern blog!"


Kerry O'Gorman said...

thanks for that! good idea.

soubriquet said...

I use this very handy little utility. Not quite as often as I should, though. It's free, by the way, and so easy to use that I can do it...

gz said...

Does it then mean that you can print it off directly, or does it have to be "translated" back into what you see when you read a blog?
I will have a look later- off to Market now!!

gz said...

erm....looks good, I need my Geek Wizzard here to translate the words a bit.
Doing things online or even over the phone is ok as far as it goes- but having a real person here is so much easier!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks gz, I just backed up!