Friday, 26 March 2010

A day of bits

Yet another funny old day doing a bit of this and a bit of that- finishing off jobs, mainly.

Yesterday I finished this year's marmalade making with Blood Orange Marmalade- a nice colour!

Today the larder got a spring clean and loads of housework was done by 10 am- then it rained again!

I re-sieved two colours of slip and must make more. I was sure I had black slip somewhere...
Having sorted out my small workshop you'd reckon it would not be possible to lose a tub of slip...

After lunch it was demolition time!
Half a toilet ceiling later...!! Then sweep, bag and mop and the Oily One and the Carpenter took the debris down to the Recycling Centre. Now we are ready for roof insulation and a new ceiling. They are busy topping up the main roof insulation - well they say we will be back to snow on Monday or Tuesday.

All this and my head is saying Must Make Pots!!!!

Apart from a bigger workshop, I need a Housekeeper to give me Time and a Sponsor to give me Money!!!


soubriquet said...

Insulated toilet roof? what luxury. My bathroom develops frost on the tiles, if I let it. I've seen walruses and orcas in the tub.

I need a sponsor and a housekeeper, too. Might just buy a lottery ticket.
Inaugural bisque-firing planned for the weekend. Buying kiln shelves, in a bit over a week, so bisque will have to be chucked in and jumbled. Sigh.
Have only a trivial amount anyway. will go search my store to see if there's an ancient box of unfired stuff, first.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Sounds like you need a Brownie around the place!

Zhoen said...


gz said...

soub, I put kiln bricks in the first firing and a few already biscuited pots.
Nothing important- then you know it runs ok.

Lisa Marie Olson said...

Gosh yes housekeeper and sponsor would be an absolute dream :) Enjoyed your post.

cookingwithgas said...

I would love to have a "wife" to do all the things I don't want(like) to do!
But- then she/he might want the same thing and then I would have to take care of them too!
Did you find the slip or did it just slip away?

gz said...

I made another batch- if the first turns up it will still be used.

Mr. Young's Art said...

That's what usually happens, right? Can't find it, make some more, and there it is in plain sight.
Been enjoying the posts!

gz said...

Hi Mr. Y!
Nice to meet you :-)