Monday, 8 March 2010

Trees at the Museum

sun through a nicely laid hedge
A sheltered corner in the sun
Hazel hedging
The sun is bringing the smell of Spring out
Kennixton Farmhouse from Gower, with the barn being reconstructed. I would love a home like this!
The exhibition in Oriel1/Gallery1
At present the first part of the gallery contains exhibits and videos and slides about Italians in Wales, until May. Last year there were Indian Potters building statues in clay of gods and goddesses for a festival, held in Cardiff afterwards. Different nationalities that have moved here and helped to make Wales what she is today take turns here.
The remainder of the gallery is about heritage, culture, religion and education in Wales


Anonymous said...

Again, wonderful photos! I love the smell of spring :)

Kerry O'Gorman said...

That looks like such a welcoming drive up to the farm!

gz said...

The farms have been re-constructed,there are about forty various buildings,a working farm,several craftworkers, a Museum and a 16th century "castle" on about 100 acres at the National History Museum of Wales at St Ffagan near Cardiff