Thursday, 18 March 2010


Many people seem to be feeling tired and 'down' at present. It is the Hungry Gap in the garden too, and everyone and everything is feeling stretched thin.

The log jam of inertia has been broken, hopefully. I managed a board of 'pouter' milk jugs then a board of bellied mugs and finished off with a foot and a five pound bowl.

Unfortunately after two hours throwing then wedging up a load of reclaim I remembered the rising bread dough in the tins.....

hopefully this will be marvelous bread after an extra rise, although smaller as I had to discard the crusts!!


Zhoen said...

I once baked bread for nine hours. Put it in, forgot and went to work, came back to a burning smell. Oddly enough, the very center was still edible.

gz said...

it is very nice, but not very tall!!