Friday, 5 March 2010

kiln firing!!

At long last!!!!
I packed the kiln with shelves and bits of HTI brick as it hasn't been fired for about six years.

This was justified as it steamed and dripped a bit to start with!!

I was grateful to be nannied through the process by Mel Brown , so very many thanks go to her for nudging me forwards.
We logged everything, and got it up to 1000 Centigrade in under two and a half hours!! This is some kiln!!
Obviously I wont be firing a bisque or a once-fire so fast.

Looking forward to unpacking it and mapping all the cones we put in to check for hot/cold spots.
This will have to wait until after tomorrow's Farmers' Mart.

Even more good news, I have been accepted for a stall at Abergavenny's monthly Craft Market on the second Saturday of every month....starting this month!!


soubriquet said...

Good to hear it! 0-1000C in two hours?
Wouldn't that be nice in the real world. Though I've played with a few kilns that could do it, I've never tried it with pots.
Abergavenny? Whereabouts are you? My mama's a Swansea girl.... (although she's been in yorkshire for close-on sixty years, she's a welsh dragon through and through).
I was hoping to go play with clay this weekend, but the nasty man just issued an MOT fail on my means of transport, so saturday will be mostly greasiness, swearing, and skinned knuckles.

Will be awaiting pics of successful firing!

gz said...

Cwmcarn, Ebbw Valley, half-way between Newport and Ebbw Vale.

Mine has just failed too- so I need to get one brake pipe and a load compensator spring for the back least I have 10 working days to do it, to get a free re-test. Unfortunately the little spring doesn't come on its own and the unit is £ the word is going round PSOOC car club to see if anyone has a spring going spare!!