Wednesday, 10 March 2010

first bisque firing

On the left, cones and beaker from the first test firing.
On the right, cone and mug from this bisque firing, both cone 06. Despite the pyro showing 25 degrees too high on the second one, the cone has only just begun to soften.
This makes it rather a soft bisque, but it will do-just have to make the glaze little thinner!!

I wonder if I can re-use the cones and take it to the right temperature in the next bisque firing?
Worth putting one in by a fresh cone just to see what happens!!


Zhoen said...

The beaker is a very pleasing shape.

gz said...


soubriquet said...

I've never tried recycling cones, but I'm pretty sure it's not going to give any sort of reliable indication, because cones measure heat-work not temperature.
That said, I'd be interested to see the results of your experiment.

Going through my boxes of assorted historical junk, I've found some boxes of cones from 1989.
Mr Orton would no doubt tell me to buy new ones, but i plan to use them anyway.

G8rAlly said...

Yes, it is. Can't wait to see how it looks glazed.

gz said...

Hi, soub!
I'll re-use them alongside a fresh cone. I think you are right about the heat work, but it will be interesting anyway.
How is your kiln coming along?
I think unused cones keep (I was using old ones in the test firing and they tallied with the pyro) possibly as long as they are dry.