Wednesday, 31 March 2010


The buds on the "Concorde" pear were swelling fit to burst a couple of days ago
Now the weather has changed again. This is going up to Mynydd Maen from the south, yesterday.
and looking over the valley at home to Spiteful at the foot of Sychpant (not so much of a "dry hollow" today!)
On the mountain this morning it was trying to snow and the wind is still strong and cold.


Zhoen said...

Such amazing place names.

gz said...

Spiteful was because of one coal mine owner not wanting another to build an alternative railway line- so he built a terrace of houses in the way!!

Most placenames anywhere have meanings I suppose.

It is nice when you see what they mean as that gives you history or insight as to why something was built.

Like Ty'n Ffynnon which doesn't mean House in the Spring as it is shortened from Tyddyn Ffynnon, but means Spring Smallholding- so no carrying water for the stock and people

soubriquet said...

There's a ginnel (alleyway)near here called, "spite and malice", nobody seems to know why.
And just north of Otley, on the road up to nidderdale is a pub known as The Spite. It's officially called The Roebuck Inn, but it's been known to all as The Spite since some old feud, there was another pub next door, otherwise there's nothing, in either direction except steep hill. I think the two Landlords tried all sorts of ploys to get all the available customers, and ended up hating each other.

gz said...

Spite in Wales can also come from Ysbyty, once meaning a hospice or refuge, now meaning hospital, eg Ysbyty Ifan