Friday, 2 April 2010


My kickwheel was designed by David Ballantyne (1913 - 1990) of Poole Pottery.
It is called a Saviac .
S Search
A After
V Values
I In
A An age of
C Crisis

Quite apt, nowadays

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soubriquet said...

I recall building a saviac wheel at college, circa 1974, our tutor was keen to equip us with pioneer pottery values.
So I've probably still got those plans somewhere.
I've built quite a few wheels since then, of varying complexity.
I like the quiet of kickwheels, that gentle scuffing of the foot, like a rocking chair in its hypnotic rhythm, but.....
Essentially I like motor driven wheels. I was applying for jobs in 1979, and one prospective employer, a renowned bloke whose name I will not repeat here, told me, "well, you fit all the requirements, except... you don't have your own wheel"
So I zapped down to Stoke on Trent, visited Podmores, Wengers, and Potclays, and bought a wheel.
At which point the two-faced B*****d told me he'd only advertised the job in Ceramic Review, because he needed to do so to get a work permit for an american potter he'd invited over.
I still use the same wheel though. Carted it all over scandinavia.