Thursday, 29 April 2010


Nice, soft,steady rain.

OK, so the weeds will be growing fast too....but that means more compost!!

I'm sitting here busy wasting time on The Carpenter's computer.

On the windowsill behind me Teigar Cat is curled up and busy snoring.
She snores louder than Mountain Man!!

I have Leek Soup to make and freeze and leeks to freeze. MM's garden is looking full so we cleared a row of leeks to make way for a row of carrots.

I have a kiln to unpack and repack and more pots to make.

My get up and go has stopped. I think this calls for a good cup of coffee and a large double chocolate cookie!


English Rider said...

Leeks are amazing. Their flavor enhances many dishes at our house.

Zhoen said...

I have a great fondness for potato leek soup.