Friday, 30 April 2010

Another day

With rain.

At 2am the rats were scratching and gnawing in the eaves above my room.

So I knock on the ceiling and they stop, eventually....and you lie there for an hour expecting them again.....and they return at 5am when you've managed to sleep again!! Aaaargh!!

It appears they travel along the terrace this way and although the council Rat Man has an idea whose property is letting them in, you have to prove it. Some people wont admit to a rodent problem either.

So the council was phoned and Bob The Pound turned up!! He is doing holiday relief for our Rat Man. It was nice to meet him. He farms in the next but one valley westwards, and has just finished lambing.

Three bags of leeks are in the freezer, leeks in cheese sauce last night and Leek and Potato soup on the way any minute now.
As it was wet I've been playing "catch up" in the house, so a double batch of Lime and Lemon Cordial has been made and bottled and is awaiting sterilization.

Now the rain has stopped for a bit it might be time to go gardening again-hunt the slugs time after the rain!!


Kerry O'Gorman said...

Your village sounds like a childrens story with all of the characters you have coming and going...what are you known as?

Zhoen said...

Rain and leek potato soup, bliss.

Rats make poor neighbors. As do neighbors that attract rats.

cookingwithgas said...

i know about those rats in the walls- or in my case mice.
They must be after those yummy leeks!

gz said...

Kerry, our village is hanging together as a village, thankfully.
Not sure what I'm known as!
A cyclist, a gardener and at last a potter. A bit old-fashioned.
Since I started walking out with Mountain Man (nearly two years now) a lot of the older people in the village will stop to talk with me. As he was born here and has always lived here they reckon I'm here to stay!

J. said...

I remember having 'visitors in the attic'. The Rentokill man arrived with bait and set about laying it in bowls and boxes.
"How do I know if they're mice or rats?" I aked, having a fondness for the former and good reasons to hate the latter...
"Well, if they're mice they'll eat the grain and leave the husks, if they're rats they'll eat the grain, husks and boxes" was his reply

They were mice
or rats on a diet!

gz said...

Rats sound as if they have boots on...

Isle Dance said...

Oh, the rats. I know that story well. Yeck. No fun. SO glad someone has shown to handle them. :o) And my darn raccoons...they smell everything and come running like I'm making THEM dinner. Not.