Friday, 23 April 2010

lambing time


Kerry O'Gorman said...

These are so sweet! Do you have a website? Do you ever ship to Canada?

gz said...,uk is my website, waiting for The Geek Wizzard to add a contact page.
I could ship to Canada- I'll have to pack a lamb (ram lambs also) and find out how much it would cost!!

J. said...

Did you make them?
Tell me, could you make pottery bees and how about toadstools? If so I'd really love to buy a collection of bees to add to my growing collection of "bottom drawer goodies" to take back to France one day
Better still, run a pottery course and I'll come along!

J. said...

The link is broken :-(
Need a cyber policeperson to fix it?

gz said...

I need a linkfairy!!

gz said...

link to my website is now with the other links :-)

Jo said...

They are wonderful!