Friday, 23 April 2010

evening visit to the allotment

X marks the spot? With what looked very much like bands of dust in the sky
The greenhouse is full! The breezeblock base for the greenhouse extension are down and levelled (with a run to the far end so that rainwater flows to the water butt)
Looking down on the stream at the end of the allotment
and up to the Moon.
It is still dry and dusty and still at or below freezing by night.


Kerry O'Gorman said...

Your pottery on your website is also lovely. I especially like the 'tomato' teapot glaze. No hurry, but I would like to know how much for the wee ewe and ramb heads to Canada. Cheers.

Zhoen said...

"Contrail" is just not a very poetic word.

gz said...

where? probably my typing!!

gz said...

Kerry, the heads are unfinished-they come with bodies like the one on the right!!