Monday, 26 April 2010

kiln firing!!

I'm sitting here trying to keep awake!

The kiln has nearly reached temperature (1000 Centigrade) for a bisque firing. I just need to hold it back a bit and keep the temperature steady to get an even temperature throughout the kiln.

The computer isn't the only thing around here sporting an 'L' plate!!


hawthorn said...


soubriquet said...

Wake Up!

I've been mixing glaze. I'd forgotten how tedious it can be, pushing gloop through an eighty mesh.
And because I'm making mice-sized quantities, every little blop of wastage could be significant.
Dammit, i need a college student or underling to do the drudge work.
Back when i WAS that eager underling, i seem to recall i did drudgery quite happily. Now i'm a sullen, resentful drudge, muttering darkly at the boss, who is also me.
You have my sympathy, esp because a bisc doesn't even hold out the promise of wonderful things on the morrow.
Wake up!

Zhoen said...

I wish you alertness.

gz said...

The kiln reached temperature at 11.20pm-I was in bed in ten minutes and slept soundly!
I awoke to hear the tail end of the farming programme....bother!!