Thursday, 22 April 2010


The Carpenter has re-started work on the kitchen! One wall cupboard up, but now we wait to get an electrical socket moved before more progress can be made.

Last Saturday's market at Brecon was better, but needs to be at least twice as good. Everybody wants a potter at their market! I'm trying to work out what I have to make to sell enough!!

I need to do a batch of fettling and pack the next bisque firing.
I need a bigger share of the workshop-be honest, I need it all!! The Carpenter is reluctant , but I can't say too much whilst there is kitchen AND bathroom progress. I have been offered a secondhand Leach kickwheel in good condition at a reasonable price....he thinks that I am just being acquisitive!! He doesn't yet see it as a tool I will use...would you throw with white and red clay on the same wheel?!!

Meanwhile the housework and gardening continue. We need some steady rain now....but at night, please!!

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