Tuesday, 20 April 2010

St Ffagans National History Museum

I had a beautiful day here today.
This is the newly re-erected barn to Kennixton Farmhouse from Gower. I've enjoyed seeing the thatchers at work on the barn roof and also mending the farmhouse thatch.

The only plane noise was one propellor driven plane leisurely crossing above. Unfortunately the wind changed and we could hear the motorway link road.
The air was clean, birds singing, and there is a good display of Ewenny slipware at the pottery.

The pottery at Ewenny itself, near Bridgend was founded in 1610 and is now being run by the ninth generation of the Jenkins family (Caitlin).

I can't find any older working pottery in Britain...buy I'm sure someone out there will know!!

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Kerry O'Gorman said...

What a lovely spot...I always admired all the thatched roofs on the Aran Islands and learned that each thatcher has its own style...much like any craftsman...I will have to write this one down as far as places to see in Wales.