Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A bit too busy

Blogging has taken a back seat for a bit!

MM is making sure that I get work done . I've made more mugs, and the jugs are developing well. I've started some slightly bigger bowls too, which need turning soon.
I'm not 100% happy with the clay body, but I think that it is just too fresh, having been mixed in the factory straight after the Christmas break. It is far too soft to throw straight from the bag, and also I'm finding little lumps of something that looks like Yellow Ochre. Yes, I do use that in glazes, and I do have some unrefined Yellow Ochre in a tub. But there is none lurking loose in the workshop.....and it isn't something you want to find in a Special White Stoneware.

Meanwhile we are still without rain. I'm holding back on sowing some things until we do get rain, but I'm wondering how long that will be. Low pressure systems are due in on Thursday, rain is forecast by the weekend. Live in hope.

All will be well, as they say.


ramona said...

Sending you feelings of admiration and well wishes.

Zhoen said...

Very hard to go from being in charge, and helping everyone else, to needing help oneself. Ultimately, it's the best gift of all, to let others feel needed.

Hawthorn said...

I'm glad that he has been to the docs, it always seems to be harder for a man to ask for or accept help, even my man can be reserved and reluctant when he should be asking for help.

His fears would be the best reason for getting himself well again.

It is very dry here too, also hesitating about putting anything else out to grow

Andrea Ingram said...

I'm sending love and more energy

gz said...

Now, as well as settling stomach medicine- which means he is sleeping a lot, not a bad thing.
Co-codamol for his back, which is easing (and I can do a little massage work too), and antibiotics for a lung infection that the xray picked up, and is hopefully the reason that his white blood cell count is down. Red is ok.

The biggest problem is what he can feel like eating. Not a lot so far

yeractual said...

Hope MM improves least it seems he is eating something and the medication if it makes him rest/sleep can't be a bad thing! Ironically, we've had some cracking storms recently, so no problems with adequate water/moisture for sowing seed etc! Very hot, dry and sunny today, though I have more Beans to sow tomorrow! Take care and don't forget you'll also probably need to rest!

ladyofclay said...

Perhaps a meal replacement beverage to help him get his strength back ?
I think I'd be talking to my clay supplier about all those little lumps - sounds like someone didn't clean the mixer.
I wish I could share some of this moisture we are getting here. Some of our farmers on the other side of the province are flooded out.

WOL said...

I think it is unfortunate that boys still seem to be brought up that it's wimpy to show emotion or weakness, and to "tough it out" when a quick trip to the doc could nip things in the bud. Instead, they let it go too long and end up with serious problems that could have been avoided if caught early. Add to that the "if I ignore it, it will go away" idea, and you end up with people like my dad who, if he'd gone to the doctor earlier, would have avoided 3 major abdominal surgeries. I hope MMan didn't wait too long to get help. I'm sending good energy his way.

Kath said...

I guess you must feel troubled and distracted right now. Good that you can absorb yourself in your work.

gz said...

At least now he admits that he was starving himself, eating less and less. Now he is afraid of being sick. He is filling out very slowly. Fast would be bad.
He says himself that it was stupid.

Docs on Monday to sort out seeing a dietician and also someone to talk to to sort his head.

soubriquet said...

Seems like it's time he realised he ought to listen to you a bit.
It's true, we boys do tend to bottle it up, ignore it, and just try to get on with whatever we think is more important.
I don't know if it's nature or nurture, the end result is that we hate to admit we need help from outside.

gz said...

The silly thing is that he has always helped everyone else but refused help himself.

It hurts seeing him like this and wondering how on earth is he going to get back himself. He looks older than my greatuncle Arthur, who is a sprightly 90 yrs old.

I think he is listening, but wont admit it!!