Thursday, 26 May 2011


Time is unreal now. Six days feels an age, yet no time atall.

Yesterday I planted out cabbage on my garden, and on Col's put the flowers that he had grown from seed, plus others I was given for him.

We had discussed a month ago what should go on the parsley bed, as it needed a rest.

Then I dug over a quarter of the polytunnel, ready for sowing carrots, and cleaned half of the paths. The paths were the job he let me do initially, saying himself how much better it looked when done.

Today it is raining, and this will give an opportunity for more seed sowing.

Col's funeral is on the Eighth of June, in St.John's church in the village, where he will be with family and friends.

Two weeks to get his garden looking perfect for him.


Lizzie said...

Your strength and character amaze me, you truly are an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Know that you make sense to others, stay standing fast as you're doing, may one or all of them soon come to know the woman Col loved.

Kath said...

A labour of love for sure and I'm guessing, a contemplative one.

Anonymous said...

You're doing so well, Col would be proud of you. x

Sara said...

More hugs for you gz. I'm not far from you, please tell me if I can help you with anything xx

Hawthorn said...

You are communicating more by gardening than by speaking - I understand completely the time thing, time is strange. I wish I could give you a hug - so a tinter hug ((hug)) will have to suffice xx

WOL said...

You are wise to keep active. My heart goes out to you. Sometimes one of the hardest things to deal with is that life goes on, and things keep needing to be done.

gz said...

Normal but not normal.
Getting the basics done, and getting enough rest.
I am missing Col telling me not to worry, don't panic, we'll sort it.
He always said "you don't have to finish it today, there is tomorrow, you'll see it finished then" He who taught me patience had so little time himself.

Zhoen said...