Tuesday, 31 May 2011

no pictures

As The Carpenter's computer/monitor is/are not right.

More cool rain yesterday, but I did manage to pick my rhubarb, about 1.5 kg after trimming.
I think I should have divided those clumps . The crop is smaller, the sticks skinnier- although the previous lack of rain has something to do with that too.
I went through the Abergavenny strawberries too, picking all that were nearly ripe , and got half a kilo. Had I left them they would have rotted in the rain or been slugged or had by the peck and run merchants (blackbirds!).

2kg of fruit has made almost 700 ml of juice to make cordial (and pulp to freeze for later use) It is a beautiful colour! Tastes good too.

I shuffled plants around in the greenhouse, bringing out those ready to plant out and putting in the sown trays, some of which are germinating fast.

It is a catchup day today as it is sunny so far, there is plenty of washing and gardening to do!


Sara said...

Well it's a good thing Jasper's battery was dead, sounds like you've got enough to do without entertaining us too ;p


gz said...

Always look forward to seeing friends, housework can wait!!!!

WOL said...

The trouble with doing housework is that it never seems to stay "done."