Sunday, 22 May 2011

firing day, Gwehelog

South Wales Potters held a firing day, firing a brick built wood-fired kiln of about 7 cubic foot packing space. As rain was forecast, it was tackle the gazebo time.....
Erm....... How many potters does it take to get a gazebo up???!!!
Ta Daaaa!!
After all that it only just rained a little as the firing finished.The weather was just right, sunny intervals, not too hot for kiln stoking.
I contributed a pony"kiln god"
The ingenious door
Which opens clear away from the firebox entrance
Steve Hozelitz busy, Steve Mills supervising, doing a grand job, with help from Kate Mills.

Stoking was two lengths of pallet at a time, three seemed excessive, and stalled the temperature gain
The wood stack
using a baulk of wood to keep the door closed
just after a stoke, you can see the spiral flow of the smoke
unfortunately a weld cracked on a flue, but it didn't seem to affect it too much
getting ready to turn the kiln off, by lowering the flues
gone, and capped with a kiln shelf
The firing only took seven hours, which was quite respectable.
Unfortunately the clay supporting the cones wasn't bone dry, AND the initial temperature rise was too fast .(blame the kiln god?!!) It therefore exploded and spread what was describe as 'crud' over most of the pots! However, much was learnt from the firing, and some decent pots emerged the following day. I had two small bowls, and a horse dish, which I wasn't going to sell anyway. It was the only survivor of the first three made, and my Man liked it!

I must thank those who knew about him for looking after me. It was a day of good food, hard work and much learning, and we are all looking forward to the next firing in July.


WOL said...

Now is the time when you comb out your memories of Colin, braid them up and put them with the other treasures in the keepsake box of your heart.

Anonymous said...

Looks an amazing day! I love your kiln god, looks a lot like Buster - gorgeous. Glad to hear you are being looked after. xx

Lori Buff said...

When do we get to see the pots?

gz said...

I missed the opening on Sunday as I was late, I'll take photos of my three later

Kath said...

So glad people are drawing around you. What WOL said was lovely.

Michèle Hastings said...

that is a neat little wood kiln! the potters guild i belong to has a very similar door on a hinge, it's a really nice design. too bad about the cone pack explosion, i had the same thing happen a couple of firings ago.