Tuesday, 31 May 2011

still no pictures

verdict= dead monitor :-( So still no photos and I'm sharing the laptop with The Carpenter!
I've put out a "wanted" post on Freegle....fingers crossed!!!

On the other hand I have got two large loads of washing done AND dried, including jeans!

Weeded the main onion and shallot bed and started weeding the red onion/garlic/other shallots bed!
The Carpenter came to help, put in two posts and supports and wires ready for bean row#2, the beans for which are busy germinating and starting to put up shoots.
Tomorrow is therefore, weather permitting, Elderflower picking and Digging day.

We had an evening out, saying hello to the Cardiff Hardcourt Bike Polo friends, then spending all my "divi" vouchers in the Co-op!!!

Walked up to close the greenhouse, as the nights are still chilly-not as bad as Scotland still having frost .
Yet another villager I didn't know previously to speak to, came to say "hello, how are you" and sharing happy memories of Col. It eases the ache and makes remembering happier.


Zhoen said...

It's always the stories that help. Keep them alive in our hearts, warm and smiling.

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for Freegle. It's great that people are talking about Col, so much better than that awkwardness when people don't know whether to mention him. Sounds like he had much affection from the village. Well done for keeping so busy x

Hawthorn said...

It shows how many people's lives he touched x