Monday, 6 April 2015

American Skunk Cabbage

Thats the one, thanks both..and seeing as Culzean Castle was Eisenhower's HQ during the second world war in the 1940s....not surprising that it is there!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful Husband, being a cynic and whose mother was from Glasgow, thinks that the more likely explanation is that it's one of the few things that will grow reliably in the boggy ground and dreadful weather! He says the plant has been grown in the UK from a lot longer than the 1940s. Interesting tat Eisenhower was kept at a safe distance in Scotland during the war though - I wonder whose idea that was.

Talking of boggy ground: I'm hoping the allotment will have dried out a bit (it's clay) as my parsnip seeds have germinated on kitchen paper and really need planting out this afternoon. So much for living in the warm-dry quadrant of the kingdom!