Thursday, 16 April 2015

more cycling

Riding the bike, whether on the turbo or out in the (Wahey!!!!!) bringing weight and blood pressure down. So one happier, if a bit tired, Pirate.
He has also stopped the meds that were supposed to deal with the side effects of the main they came with even worse side effects....made life not worth achey growly Pirate was not on!!

Yesterday we foraged a carful( and it was full!!) of elm and beech, so by the evening we had a woodbin metre cube full of cut, stacked wood...and today we were tired!!

After today's chores we headed out to Moniaive with the bikes in the car...and went for a ride...not as far as planned, but enough.

No,not Trumpton!   Built in 1865 as the schoolmasters house,with a clock so that no village child would be late for school!  It is still hand wound and standing to take its picture we could hear the works ticking over.

Now we're sitting in front of a nice fire, burning our labours....

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Cro Magnon said...

Dare I mention that it's 28 C here.... I think our fires are done with for a few months.