Tuesday, 7 April 2015

April Club Hut run

Soup was made on Saturday night, a homemade loaf was ready and malt loaves purchased (I wasn't going to bake that at short notice!)

The Pirate loaded up his bike and the provisions and I rode down.
The idea was that the clubrun from Ayr would catch up with me.....but they didn't!
I had a lovely ride, tapping along steadily apart from the start of the crossover from the Girvan Valley to the Stinchar Valley...what is called "Blackie's Brae" in the cycling club.  Not a particularly nasty climb, but the rough potholed stretch makes climbing hard.
Just under an hour and forty minutes for nearly 23 miles. Apart from a mist coming up from Girvan a bright sunny day!

The clubrun arrived in three groups, and the soup just did fifteen servings....I think that we need a bigger soup pot, as the club hut has seen twentyfive at the First Footing!!

As The Pirate and friends cleared up, I photographed the attendees as they departed, the faster groups taking longer, hillier routes home...
He went with the last group and enjoyed a ride in good company, turning off for the last miles home.

"Feet up!" was the order for much of the rest of the day!

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