Friday, 10 April 2015

Visiting Girvan

Getting out of bed wasn't too easy today....should have left the woodstack.....
we were on the road just after 11, but with a headwind it took over an hour to get to Girvan.
We were both feeling a bit grumpy. Both a bit tired. Wind over your ears causes this too, as it creates pressure in the eardrum.  Plus the meds to deal with the hormone therapy side effects are giving worse side effects...including making him a tetchy Pirate...not himself atall.

Nearing Girvan the sun was being obscured by high mist coming off the sea.
We were glad of the shelter of buildings!

We missed our potter friend at her workshop where she holds classes,but caught her at her nearby gallery. I might be renting her kiln for bisque and glaze firings.
It will mean firing oxidized to 1230C instead of 1280-1300C.  But it will be firing...I'll return a week tomorrow to glaze some work....

Homeward bound after a "pensioners lunch" in a cafe (well we are both over 60!!!) we seemed to have found a following headwind.  With the coming weather change the wind was backing slightly, and colder. Most unfair! So it was steady as we go,plod along and find the most sheltered route.  As we moved further from the coast we regained the sun at least, and could see the mist sitting over the Carrick hills ahead of us, with the sea the far side of them.

We were glad to see the washing dry on the line and as I write,the next wash load is nearly ready for hanging out!  Make dry while the wind blows !

All this and I'm feeling guilty that I'm still slacking on my daily drawing, haven't done another linoblock yet, haven't posted on Etsy (or had any sales for a week)
Sometimes there is just too much to do....

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Hawthorn Spellweaver said...

I find walking in the wind can make me bad tempered. But I do find I feel better once I have returned home. Don't feel guilty - creativity can not be forced, draw when you have the inspiration!