Friday, 10 April 2015

cars!!!! and bikes...

Thursday morning we managed to be up bright and early,to drop the car at the garage four miles from here in our local small town. I'd thought that I had a week in hand,as usual, but that was the day the MoT (or WoF to our Kiwi friends...) ran out. 
We left the car in Graham's hands...hoping he didn't have a"shout" as he is a retained fireman...aided by his top apprentice, Gary.
Today's ride wandered here and there, South to begin with then North along the coast road past what used to be Butlins. (and still a holiday camp)  From Alloway, down to the coast and along the front to Ayr Pavilion. Around the back streets to avoid the town traffic,to brunch in a nice cafe.
Returning to Alloway we explored the cycle/footpath along the old railway, then across the "bypass" to the lanes to Dalrymple.  We tried to find a different lane,but failed,  and as it was nearing garage lunchtime went the direct route there!
The car's luck had run out too....a small patch to be welded on,due to rust, a little front suspension problem (not surprising with our potholed roads...avoid one and hit the other....) and a tyre to renew, which I'd already ordered.

No car until Monday lunchtime, all being well.

Back on the bikes,a detour to find a friend then home for a rest!

While the Pirate was resting, I started organizing the woodstack.  When it is in three places,it looks more than it is.....and now we know that it isn't big enough.
After his rest, he came and helped and rigged up a better rain cover for the occupied wood bin.  I swept out the little back yard..several we will be putting one of The Birthday Gazebos there.  It wont be ideal to work in,but as we can't have another shed or anything......


Hawthorn Spellweaver said...

WoF? what's the W for?

gz said...

Warrant of Fitness, hawthorn...and trailers have a separate individual numberplate like a car and go through a yearly test too

Hawthorn Spellweaver said...

Ah that explains that :) - similar to what they do in Africa (well, in some parts) My husband did suggest WoF - wheel of fortune!