Saturday, 11 April 2015

back to work

After a slow start.(..and waiting for showers to pass!) we rode over to the next village to do a gardening job....The Spring Prune !! Secateurs at the ready ...
four hours and two wheelie bins later we called it a day.
We left a mostly trimmed garden and a happy customer...front garden next time.

He also has said I can move my wheel into his needs a good clean, a window mending and the front doors draught proofing.  He already has some paint for the concrete floor.

Now to get The Carpenter and The Oily One to bring the workshop contents up from Wales....they've been saying that they wanted them moved....


Peter said...

Hi Gwynneth,
Hope the wind has died down in you part of the globe as it seems to have picked up down here today! Can't have high winds at the same time in both hemispheres, it might send us all spinning who knows where!!

Anyway, I gather you are heading towards cone 6 with glazes, I just posted a recipe for you on my site, but... just in case you miss it I'll put it here too!

20 Wollastonite
20 Fritt 3134 (F 4108)
20 Potash Feldspar
20 Silica
20 China Clay

This cone 6 recipe may well be something you have come across already, but it goes really well for me, and I have even tested it successfully to cone 10.
It is discussed in depth on the excellent site, and it is the G1214M base glaze which is listed as cone 5 - 7.

Cro Magnon said...

That's good news. All you need now is the kiln.


That sounds like a good solution ... now all you need is the stuff moved up! You'll get there in the end, one way or another!x

Sandy miller said...

Gardening season here too! Keep your secateurs sharp :)

Hawthorn Spellweaver said...

This is sounding positive! I bet it will feel good getting back to the pottery creating :)