Saturday, 4 April 2015

Culzean Castle...and Kiwi Woofer

 We had a wander around the grounds of Culzean Castle....and blogger has uploaded all the photos in a random manner!!
 The first two show what our local breezes get up to with the trees.

Next I'd like an ID for these,growing in the shallow end of the lake..any suggestions?
 The pagoda, once a monkey house
 Gateway to the courtyard where one finds a shop, a cafe, and......
 "Would you trust your daughter with this man?" asked the Pirate...Well yes,I would, if I had an available daughter....and she would be happy and well cared for!!      Thanks for the visit,Sheldon!
 Checking the external rifling on a rather dilapidated field gun

 The main building
 Them again!

Views of the stable courtyard.

Today we assisted our Kiwi woofer on his way by car, via a bike shop.
He had thought he could ride nearly 220 miles to Aberdeen in a day and a half, with large panniers.....
A new gear cassette was purchased to give him lower gears in his summer riding across Europe.
We drove over the Campsie Fells and had lunch in Crieff before delivering him to Perth where he had booked an overnight stay via a website for cycle tourists.
You pay with your company and talking with your host cyclists.

We left him sitting on the lawn and the car felt rather empty....we'll miss him, but might catch up with him in a couple of months after his working stay on an organic veggie farm on the Shetland Isles. Lets hope he catches tomorrow afternoon's ferry!

If not then, we'll have a lot of catching up to do in New Zealand in 2017!!!!


Zhoen said...

Ah, were I 30 years younger, single, and a cyclist... ok, too many ifs, but he's a good 'un.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Husband says

clever clogs that he is!

d2eclaylady said...

Hey G ..... the plants look like 'skunk cabbages' ( .... they also grow in boggy areas of the southwest coast of BC Canada. Happy Easter!