Wednesday, 12 June 2019


 The river Ayr...and the bridge at Stair..the first time we've seen it from this angle!
 dog gate..

 I wonder if the hamlet was once a sizeable village...the church has two graveyards and the second graveyard extension has been started

 about five generations of William Murdochs here
 a 1700s memorial stone..this looked like the oldest
 the Stair Inn at stair has plenty of stairs!  I heard that it is supposed to be haunted...but I didn't sense anything

 and beautiful wood furniture
 and very nice beer that we've only seen in bottles until now
We've booked some of the Pirate's family in here..they will be up for a family meal just after his 80th birthday


Relatively Retiring said...

What an interesting place. The pallet wall planter is a great idea, as are the dog gates - all stiles should have one.

Susan Heather said...

Exactly what I was going to comment on - the dog gate and the pallets. Lovely photos.

Fresca said...

Happy Birthday to Pirate!

gz said...

I hope it will be Fresca..a month to go yet, and we are planning a short trip with a friend whose 60this the Saturday before...a few days away on an island....