Tuesday, 9 March 2021

A little light gardening

 We worked together on the greenhouse staging today, Pirate had already painted the frame, and we bartered homemade apple juice and marmalade for wood offcuts from our joiner neighbour.

Luckily we made it one centimetre shorter....and it only just fitted! 

Pirate siezed the opportunity to use his Xmas present tools...they will be just for the greenhouse.


Susan Heather said...


Steve Reed said...

Yay for greenhouse gardening! As you may have seen on my blog, a co-worker of mine told me her plants froze IN HER GREENHOUSE during our recent frosty spell. I couldn't believe it! Maybe their greenhouse is very drafty?

Debby said...

So...in your green house, you will plant directly on the ground into the soil?

gz said...

Steve it wasn't that their greenhouse was draughty..it was just cold!
Debby we will do a combination of some in the ground...so less worries about watering when we have time away..and others in open bottomed pots. Anything in pots with bottoms would get put outside then