Tuesday, 16 March 2021


 An odd weekend, one of those where plans are made and unravel at speed.....time and time again! Still, there was progress, but not a lot to write home about!!

The greenhouse staging has been finished, Pirate's papers to be sorted have reduced to one box.....from three and a table!! The seeds have been sorted into months for sowing.

I managed to do the nuts and dried fruit order online. It will be good when we can go to one of their shops in person...both the nearest ones to here are about 70 miles away, but we always combine a big shop there with other visits. 

I don't like shopping online, even though I sell online myself! How ceramics and other tactile things sell online I don't know.

Last week's weather wasn't bike friendly so all the eBay and Etsy sales were saved up for Monday..my pannier bag was full, and Pirate had one box in his bike bag and another in a little rucksack! We celebrated with a hot drink each from a farm shop near Mauchline...everything is in a slot machine, cakes, pies , veggies, eggs, milk...and the drinks machine is by cash or card too!

We were lucky to catch the farmer in passing.  It was an interesting talk...his family have been there for five generations...his diversification is successful and has been going for just over a year. Despite it being funded by an EU grant...he voted to leave...but now is sorry he did!

At last I have got the small prints all mounted, photographed and packed. Three are on Etsy now, I will probably add the last one tomorrow. Once it gets dark I run out of steam!!

Then tidy my study and worktable and on to the next designs.


kjsutcliffe - artist said...

I have spoken to so many farming folk who did the same. Benefited from the EU, chose to leave and now regret 😶 I have no words.

The bike shed said...

Busy lady by the sound of things... quite a lot to write home about after all.

Joanne Noragon said...

Interesting comment from the farmer, and that's all I have.

Amy said...

I find shopping online is convenient more than anything else but the supermarket is handy for being able to see what fruit and veges to pick.