Sunday, 14 March 2021

Prints and gifts and the best laid plans....

 Mounting a few small prints for sale, I tried setting up different sized mounts, thanks to a suggestion on the Linocut Friends group on fb...a very useful group of people with the whole range of experience and source of advice and encouragement. ( There are a few clay based ones too, like Clay Buddies...despite the names, both worldwide).

It was worth doing, even if just to reinforce my initial size decision.

There are a few more to do, then photograph and post them on my website and Etsy.

Gifts from near and far.

We had planned a bike ride this morning, but slept in...and missed the weather window!

We will take a short walk instead and hope for better luck this afternoon! 


Steve Reed said...

I like that beautiful pitcher!

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

If your weather is anything like ours - the weather this afternoon was worse! Lovely roses and are those bikes made of pipe cleaners? they look fun :)

Debby said...

I thought I left my comment! I cannot advise, but I can admire. These are very nice!

gz said...

Steve the pitcher was a wedding present three years ago from Doug (Fitch) and Hannah.
Hawthorn, yes pipe cleaner bikes..made by middle son and his partner a while ago

The bike shed said...

The mounts look good - like lots of space - if the prints are relatively inexpensive I think it's good to make the outer size for the mount to a 'standard size' so that they can fit frames from the likes of Ikea - even large photo-frame size. Otherwise, buyers have to spend more on the frame than the image. Funnily enough, my son sent a lino cut he's made to my wife Jane for Mother's day - it was of a whippet!