Friday, 5 March 2021

Slow progress

 Still more tidying up ends of jobs..

All the onion setts and shallots are in and I have started sorting the polytunnel.

It is still a bit chill in there although much warmer than outside.

I have sorted the seeds into What Month to Sow, so no excuse not to get on with it apart from the weather..and having to be the useful pair of hands when Pirate wants to do something!!

He has finished the double Woodstore from pallets apart from a sheet of board to go on the won't fit in our car so a local builder has said he will buy us one next time he gets a load.

The second half is a third full of split logs, from where Pirate is helping mate Derek on Local Farmers land.

It is great that Pirate is getting local mates. Local Farmer insisted that Pirate went up to his farmhouse for a cuppa...and a beer or two...and a whisky...and lots of craic! LF has been to New Zealand and his daughter lives there. We lent him a couple of Footrot Flats books and he had a fine time chuckling over them, and they came back to us with a dozen fresh eggs!!

We had another ride over to Mauchline post office today and it was a relief not to be battling the wind!

There is still traces of snow to be seen above New Cumnock in the distance from near Mauchline, above Glen Afton, and also on Goat Fell on Arran. We could see the water of the Clyde clearly on the way home...a welcome sight compared to the grey murk if previous journeys.

We could have used the car today as it has passed its yearly test and had a service...but why should we...unless the parcel to go is too big or the weather is ghastly?!!

At last this evening I did a little more on Windy Tree mark 2..I think it is an improvement,so far.