Thursday, 25 March 2021

Bike bits!

 It was get down to it and list bits on eBay today, plus packing yesterday's sale.

The research is enjoyable if time consuming....

Memories of riding to the velodrome..well, track, it was outdoors...and taking the brake off the track bike ready to race....

I am gradually restocking my Etsy shop and the number of visitors and views has increased. 

It is very tempting just to get everything on in one foul swoop.....but that wouldn't work!!

So just one reposting every coup!e of days, and meanwhile work on new drawings and blocks.

I have in mind one view from our village, across a friend's farm, and across to Goat Fell on Arran....I have a few photographs of it, but I need just the right angle..

I think with making local images I can't use too much artistic licence and it must be totally recognisable

The background wasn't too visible on our last walk!!

1 comment:

The bike shed said...

I had brakes like that - the hoods are rare now.

Oh, and you don't get many Commas north of the border - they are there but rare.