Tuesday, 6 December 2022


 Back at one of our favourite, relaxed campsites again! Good to see the same people working there too... visitors since 27years, working there since 17!!

We had two nights there...could have stayed a week, like last time in 2020 when we were here for the Dunedin NZ masters games!!

A beach walk, tea with our friends one night and a carry out supper the next..and then move on again.


Susan Heather said...

Looks great.

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

nice that you are traveling light and spending time with friendly people :)

srgb said...

Its looking wonderful in your photos, my son has just told me I should visit him in Dunedin again.
If your back in Dunedin and have time make your way to Tunnel Rock its a nice walk down and a gentle work out going back up to the car park, its well worth the effort.

Steve Reed said...

Nice to see Waikouati, a part of New Zealand I didn't visit when I was there. I love those NZ beaches, so empty!

gz said...

Steve. Early morning, when the tide is right, the trotters (horses) exercise on the firm sand. There is a racecourse at Waikouati and a few stables and studs