Saturday, 5 June 2010

early start

I woke at 5.15 today and felt ready to I did!!

Bread in the bowl at 5,30, birthday cake in whilst waiting (The Carpenter is 21 tomorrow)

Greenhouse opened and the verge by the allotment fence weeded, back to put the bread in.

Bread out at 10, followed by the third load of washing to the line!!!

Next job make packed lunch and go gardening!

Glazing later when its cooler, looks like another hot one today.
What do they say about a British Summer? "Three hot days and a thunderstorm"? Rain is forecast for tomorrow!!


Zhoen said...

Good to be able to take advantage of the cool of the morning.

English Rider said...

The long hours of daylight in summer seem far superior in England. Maybe because people enjoy being outside more due to the contrast of winter confinement.

gz said...

I ground to a halt by 5.30 pm!-then got going again at 6, cooking then a glaze test mixing session.