Monday, 21 June 2010

making more pots

The next kilnfull is on its way, as I start selling (hopefully) at Hay on Wye WEEKLY market this Thursday!!
My stand is looking better, as more new pots are replacing older ones.
Jugs and small vases. I use the latter for glaze tests- and then sell them!! They are quite popular.
Hanging posy pots
Mugs, cups and funnels.....and the sheep!! and lurking next to the top mugs, a dragon!!!!!

Brecon Craft Makers' Market went well- until the start of the local School Fete...which had everything, plus the Town Band. We found out afterwards, when we found the flyers under the windscreen that is where all our customers went!

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SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Your pots are all lovely . The greeney-blue glaze is gorgeous .
But , sadly , Hay on Wye's a bit far for a day out. Where's Doctor Who , when one needs him?