Friday, 4 June 2010


I am trying to decide if I try and sell on folksy. Then I would need a paypal account. I've just had a look at their website.

I'm getting confused with all this online paperwork. It distracts from the most important thing, getting work made!! I know it is necessary, as is investigating all the grants and stuff that are available. I think I need a business mentor.


ladyofclay said...

Hi Gwynneth,
I've often thought of trying to do some internet sales and haven't got any further than that. I'm not good at marketing my own work and I think you have touched on the reason - I prefer to concentrate on the work itself and the marketing of it is a whole 'nother skill set.
I went over to your web site and see you are getting some beautiful surfaces with your salt glazing. I love that pebbled texture.Did you take the pictures yourself ?
I recently purchased a DVD by one of my favorite Canadian potters, Cathi Jefferson, and she showed in the video how she introduces a packet of a mixture of salt, wood chips and soda into the atmosphere in her kiln. I have always thought that the atmoshere is one or the other of those ingerdiants but she is using a mixture. She has quite a good website if you want to have a look.
So many interesting, different ways of working - no end to learning and discovery !

gz said...

I like Cathi's work. She is a lovely person (met in Aberystwth Potters' Biennial Festival in the 80s)

ladyofclay said...

That must have been interesting. My husband and I were out on Vancouver island two years ago and must have driven right by her place. I didn't know that they had just re-located from north Vancouver. Oh well, good reason to go back to the island.