Thursday, 17 June 2010

a walk on Mynydd Maen

As if a trip to Hay, then some gardening wasn't enough, the suggestion was made that we go up pony checking!
We parked at the Northern end of Comin Mynydd Maen, and headed South....

Mountain Man looking over Cwm Lickey (=Lleucu=Lucy) near Pontypool, with Blaenafon in the distance.
With New Hat!! (from Hay)
Soub, you will see in the middle distance as you look first over Pen yr Heol and then New Inn, Llandegfedd Reservoir. This is where water is pumped too from the River Usk, and ends up in our taps.
When the Aluminium works in Rogerstone had to change to this supply from local springs, they had a hard time re-adjusting as the water wasn't as good.
It also tastes not exactly unpleasant, but not very nice! Yes it is safe, clean, etc etc. For which we are very thankful.

Looking down towards Upper Cwmbran (the old village) In the middle is the old reservoir(no longer used as a supply), hopefully you can make out the tower, a third in from the left of the reservoir-and realize how low the water is....
Success, after four or more miles walking!
See the mast on the hill in the background? That is where the picture of Llandegfedd reservoir was taken...
About two thirds of the foals have been born so far.
Then Mountain Man will start on shearing! Not long now. Some people on lower ground have already finished, but these are at 1200 to 1500 feet above sea level.
Looking over Cefn Rhyswg to Twmbarlwm- the one in the middle with the pimple!! An IronAge Fort

Ten ponies seen. Eight miles walked. Just one foot in front of the other!
Two and a half hours of heaven


Jon Storey said...

Such wonderful country in that part of Wales.

Thanks for dropping by. Jon

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Lovely photos...I could ramble around those hills all day...are the ponies wild? Are they Welsh ponies? Excuse the silly question but you never know!

gz said...

Kerry, they are Mountain Man's Welsh Mountain Ponies (Section A category)
He is a Commoner so grazes them and his sheep on the Common Ground on the mountain, as well as on his fields.
Graziers have different rights, and are tenants where they live, not landowners.

soubriquet said...

"Are the ponies wild"
"Wild? They're livid!"

To paraphrase Mel Smith and Griff Rhys-Jones.

Looks like a beautiful day out. I'd be wrecked, totally after eight miles.
Where I work, on one of the sites, there is a gym. There I am, digging a big hole in the yard, trying to find a hundred-year old pipe, digging, stacking stone cobbles, I see all the gym-goers, carrying their logo-bags and isotonic drinks, and I laugh.
Get a life, guys. Get off the treadmill and travel, lift bricks, shovel dirt. Walk up hills. Real organic exercise.
Drink tea.
Your exercise has better views than mine, though!