Tuesday, 15 June 2010

just a little three hour walk...

Yesterday Mountain Man had a call to say that five yearlings (for which read 'a bunch of teenagers'!) were down on a farm- they had gone visiting these three!
He got them back through the fence, then I drove around to the other side of Twmbarlwm and walked back along the fire road to meet them. They had taken him up the steepest way they could, with the most, lowest, hanging branches!! At last we got them going up to Pegwn y Bwlch at the foot of Twmbarlwm, then up Twmbarlwm itself
looking up
and down
Back on the mountain. I walked behind them and went around the side of Twmbarlwm, sometimes on sheep tracks, others walking through knee-high Bilberry bushes- heavy going!
Mountain Man went over the top in case others of the herd were there.
Then we followed them at a steady walk, persuading them to carry on until they were with another mixed bunch of eight, including a couple of older mares to keep an eye on them!
We watched the approach of a scrambling motorbike with trepidation- would they bolt back? Luckily he had the sense to see what we were doing and eased off-mind you, he was not supposed to be on the mountain atall.
We were glad of a following wind back to the car . Driving was "interesting" with tender(ized?) feet!!


ladyofclay said...

looks like you got some exercise !
Are the ponies for pleasure or part of a farming enterprise or perhaps a bit of both ?

gz said...

I think a lot of both, for him!
They look good on the mountain, they should be there, and his grandfather and father had Welsh Mountain Ponies (and cobs ) too