Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Not the best of pictures, but you can just about see the regulator on the other end of the pipe (not the pipe that is there now) and the burners.
This is for soub- hope it is a good enough pic


ladyofclay said...

Hi Gwynneth,
After I posted my reply to your comment on my blog I had to smack my forehead ! - oh, my memory is bad.
I have tried the hand sprayer with glaze and there is the example right on the blog ! The top picture, the flower ring, the glaze that reminds me of a "hare's fur" glaze. That was done by dipping the pot in a glossy white (cone 6 oxidation) and then I took a black glaze and over sprayed it . The glaze in the sprayer was watered down somewhat but it did work o.k. Not a real through test but something to experiment with.
Too bad about your bisque firing, I think that happens to everyone at some point... the way the foot rings have blown off so evenly I would say it was moisture. It helps to put a green ware pot on your cheek and if it is cool - it's probably still drying.
I'm enjoying your blog now that I've found it. I agree with you that most people take water for granted. We live in a remote part of the country (Canada) and we cannot dig a well and hit water. Your comment on water has encouraged me to blog about a filtration system we will be getting in the near future and I'm really excited about it.

gz said...

I did check the ones that blew- but on such a hot day they all felt dry!! They are new shapes, so obviously need refining. My problem is learning to fire a gas kiln on my own! With an overenthusiastic kiln!! All the problem solving articles say how to speed up ones kiln!
I'll get there!! Just had an order for eight small mugs...relief!!

soubriquet said...

I've looked and looked, and still can't figure it out. Is there a chimney of any sort, or just an open slot?
I can't really see any of the controls. Do the burners point upwards at the ends? or fire toward the back?
Who built it?
Gas bottles or bulk tank?
Ahhh. might have figured it out a bit:- the regulator (red/orange)(propane) is just looped over there, and not connected, the pie in the loop would normally be stretched out toward a gas bottle at a safe distance. It runs to a t-piece between the two burners, each burner has a 90degree lever-ball-valve? Do you use a single gas bottle or multiples manifolded together?