Monday, 14 June 2010

Shaner's Red and Old Yeller

Shaners Red on the left- it is red where thin, as it should be.

Old Yeller on the right.....

Cone 9, oxidized firing (they are glazes for reduction firing) Not bad atall!


soubriquet said...

How did you know?
Shaner's red, I have a love/hate ongoing battle with it, ha. since 1979.
A glaze that can be anything from pondslime to oxblood. It mutates through each potter who uses it. Our materials vary, the clay body varies, the firing cycle varies, and the person varies.
I have chucked awa
y, smashed, or remaindered many a pot glazed from a bin bearing the "Shaner Red" label. I've also crowed with glee on opening kilns with beautiful batches.
I'll try post some pics, very soon of a couple of variants.
Nice Chun-looking glaze on the right, is the tile red slipped on the bottom?

gz said...

No, the glazes have just been brushed on the tiles and dipped in the vases.
I heard that Shaners Red needed to be thin to be red.
The main factor in it is probably the type of Iron oxide used. I know that affects my black (oxidized!!) glaze.

soubriquet said...

We found it to be tremendously sensitive to the body beneath, slip modifiers etc.
Firing rates, cooling cycles, atmosphere...