Monday, 14 June 2010

from blast! to blasted

and after!!
The very top, front of the kiln is a tad underfired, this platter will have to risk a re-fire
This one is ok
same glaze, I think the posy pot at the back of the bottom shelf got a bit of reducing atmosphere
Blasted! Looks like that is the limit of this clay body
as it usually looks like this
ALWAYS put some glaze tests in!! No rubbish this time- four I can use and three pointers for the next step in their development.

I think the kiln fired better for it being a cooler, slightly damp day. Certainly the cooling was less nerve racking as the workshop itself didn't overheat!!


hawthorn said...

Wow, such a difference after firing. The colours in the glaze come alive.

Zhoen said...

The cheese plate deserved two photos.

gz said...

I have to refire the cheese plate and side is definitely underfired.
I can't sell it as it is, so if that fails it wont be a loss.

Incentive to make more platters!!

ladyofclay said...

looks like some wonderful results. I really like the tenmoku. The soft brown to deep glossy black is perfect. I like the soft satin look on the vase you thought had some reduction. Do you have to travel very far to get your clay and glaze supplies ?

gz said...

I get my supplies from about seventy miles away