Sunday, 13 November 2011

being resolved

to carry on cooking for one.

I would love to share cooking a meal though-working together is good.

Made a risotto with onion, garlic and a little fennel last night. sprouts and squash and carrots on the side, walnuts and mixed seeds on top. A glass of red wine (Merlot) on the side and some home pressed apple juice to finish. A meal I wanted to share the making and eating.

The builders had finished by 4pm, so although it meant finishing after sunset, I threw a dozen smaller mugs. Trying the belly shape on a smaller mug. Not as easy as you think, you have to balance what looks good with what will be easy to drink from. You don't want a mug you have to tip uncomfortably far to empty the 'belly' or that flares too much so that you spill liquid past your mouth as you drink!!

More mugs to throw for another order this morning, so that hopefully I can do impressed decoration and handling on Monday or Tuesday.

I need to get up and get on with it now, there's a bike ride planned for this afternoon and it looks set fair again!!


Tracey Broome said...

I'm still adjusting to cooking without a child that's a picky eater. It's down to the two of us. My husband works a lot at night and sometimes I enjoy fixing something that only I like to eat and having a nice glass of wine with it. But you are right, it's nice to prepare a meal for others to enjoy with you.

saving for travel said...

That meal sounds delicious. Great, healthy ingredients.

Sft x

Mouse said...

I cook better when I have more mouths to feed...

Hawthorn said...

May be the trade off could be they fix your car and you cook a meal, a meal that you feel needs sharing x

gz said...

Hawthorn,I make a point of doing extra round the house when either or both are doing something for me, it is only fair.

Mouse, so do I. It is so much easier!

Lori Buff said...

Your meal sounds wonderful. I might try your recipe.
I don't know if people consider everything potters consider when making a mug, but they appreciate them when they are made well.