Tuesday, 15 November 2011

this day

has been occupied with helping The Carpenter de-clutter. Working together is most satisfying.

Glaze materials bought, pots collected after an exhibition (and three small pots sold) and a plasterer's Hawk purchased for The Carpenter.
He wants to learn plastering, so he can do the undercoat in the bathroom. If he is good enough he'll do the top coat too!
He is teaching himself to weld and it is coming along nicely. Still no job though.

The runner beans have been taken from their pods ready to finish drying for seed. The shallotts are sitting in the kitchen waiting to be cleaned and sorted for storing. I need to check over the apples, potatoes and onions that are on stacked trays in the cool larder.

Next door is having their render removed on much of the rear of the house...I've no objections, the job needed doing years ago.....I'll be glad when they've done, however, as you can't think or work with the racket they are makingf!!

It has been dry and sunny today, but the wind is getting colder. I actually turned the heating on tonight!


Michèle Hastings said...

sounds like a satisfying day... especially pots sold and de-cluttering!

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