Saturday, 12 November 2011


Drying more apple rings to make Apple Crisps and dried apple for Apple and Ginger drink.
Cleared the bean haulms and planted garlic this morning, after the allotment committee meeting.
The air is still damp, but it has turned warmer again and there is no rain forecast this weekend.

Washing done and out, not that it will dry much.
Doing my own washing and cooking FOR ME!!!! Wondering when they’ll realise that I meant it when I said they’d have to do their own….

Builders in next door stripping off render today so I can’t think!! Making pots with that racket six feet away? No thanks.
Wishing that more people would buy my pots on Etsy, although it is nice to be Favourited!!

Thankyou to the Oily One and the Carpenter for doing some little jobs on my car.
Arranged for the welding to be done on the car too-it has managed to pass the yearly test for three years but it wont next March. So I'm getting it done before the worst of the weather.

Now to find how much more noisy work the builders have to do....


Tony Giles said...

There's no rain forecast here as well this weekend. No-one told the rain though.

(The BBC weather forecast was right a week or so ago, it was the talk of the town).

Kath said...

You have my sympathy! It's been bedlam here this week, with people upstairs and down, hammering, drilling, playing radios and thumping about. I am just enjoying half an hours peace before going to watch the noisy carnival!

Relatively Retiring said...

Ha! Love the independence!

gz said...

Hmm, Tony, I thought I heard on the early forecast that you were to have rain...I thought forecasts were better when they gave percentage possibilities of weather events!!

red dirt girl said...


Peter said...

I like the sound of the apple and ginger drink, it'd be lovely using dried apples. Bean "haulms" is a really old sounding word and good to see it still alive and well. Out of interest I looked up the origins of the word on

Old English healm; related to Old Norse halmr, Old High German halm stem, straw, Latin culmus stalk, Greek kalamos reed, Old Slavonic slama straw

Language is wonderful really.

I was amused about the washing!

gz said...

I remember my grandmother having a book "The Loom of Language".I wonder where it is now.