Sunday, 6 November 2011

farmers' market day

Friday afternoon and night was very wet, with a lot of standing water on the roads. The drains have blocked quickly. My regular Friday night journey to the Velodrome was...interesting!
Our club session has been pushed back an hour, so is now 8pm to 10pm. So we've lost half an hour of time, and lost regular attendees as it is too late, even if you don't have to travel a hundred miles or more to get home.

Even after leaving before the end of the session (I do the paperwork and help when needed) it was a late night before an early start! At least Usk isn't too far to drive and you only need to be setting up by nine for a ten o'clock start.

This Saturday was different, Usk Farmers' Market bustled from nine o'clock, the hall was full and there were ten stalls outside..lucky the sun shone too!

I didn't sell much this time, but it was good to see many regular market shoppers and be welcomed back. I'll do the next one in two week's time, and possibly a month after that too.
We'll is a dilemma. You need to keep going to get established in peoples' minds....but after a while you've saturated your market.

Straight back to the velodrome from the market to work as a commissaire (official) at the Welsh Youth Track Championships. I just work at the signing on table. Even though the signing on doesn't last long you need someone there all day to field queries and direct people .
You need two or three on the table as you are posting results as they come through for the riders and team helpers to read as well. Then you have to get all the numbers and pins back in exchange for their racing licences!

The velodrome link is with Olympian Geraint Thomas, a previous member of C.C. (Cycling Club) Cardiff.


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I'm glad you put the links in, I had no idea what a Velodrome is!

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Glad you sold a few bits at the farmers' market.

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