Friday, 11 May 2012

blue sky!

Not a lot....but enough!!
Down to the Gwent hospital in Newport today and The Carpenter was fortunate that A&E wasn't busy...within half an hour they had xrayed his hand and wrist,  and given him a wrist breakages apparent, even when they zoomed in on the xray image.   There is still a small amount of swelling, but not enough to warrant how much it hurts. Now he waits to hear from them after the consultant has had a look at the image.  
A bit of shopping on the way back, a leisurely lunch and next I must prick out some lettuce seedlings in the greenhouse.

The Commission is drying slowly...which is as it should be...I should be able to add another coil or two this afternoon.
   All the other work is also drying slowly....which is not as I'd like!  If it is still dry when I return from the allotment I'll risk putting them outside for a while, and that should do the trick!!

The drawing book turned a very obvious place....where nothing had been moved.   OK, it must be happy now I've started the next one! 
I've tidied the shelves right by my bed, and the three latest ones now live there.

I probably ought to do a lot more tidying and sorting but somehow that doesn't feel an attractive proposition!


Lois said...

Wonderful that you found your sketch book,and finally are having some sunshine.

WOL said...

Hope the Carpenter's suffered no lasting damage. Wrists and hands are tricky to fix. It's been long enough since the accident that heat might help.